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Website Designers

Web design is our science and our craft. Every element of your site needs to be able to lift twice its weight. Our design will match your technology to your usability needs and consider more than just form.


We have built hundreds of fully custom, gorgeous shopping carts for our clients. Our team has experience using every major shopping cart platform and can recommend the best fit for your business.

Responsive Themes

Mobile website Responsive Themes are flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Have a great mobile site.

Online Marketing

We’ll take your average search engine and social media optimization strategies and put them on steroids to create the perfect formula for your target market for your digital and online marketing campaign.

Please enjoy our

Our Awesome Portfolio

Hire Refined has taken over full online marketing including web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), paid social media, and email marketing. Results have been outstanding!

100% of our orders

Are designed to maximize your online visibility resulting in new business.

Search engines now look for websites that have meaningful information on them and are weeding out the websites that stuff keywords to get more clicks. Engaging content will help develop a better buyer relationship because visitors will find value in visiting your website.

Online visibility is not static. A business must take the aforementioned tips and continually reinforce its platform, otherwise the content and platform will become stale. Once that happens, credibility drops in the search engine algorithms, hence lowering visibility overall.

Sketch & Design

At Hire Refined we pride ourselves on designing gorgeous and unforgettable logos. We develop your brand identity with our powerful logo maker, design and branding tools.

Research & Analyze

We use market research to provide relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face–an integral part of the business planning process.

Develop & Botton Line

Our Website Developers offer enterprise level lead generation and ecommerce sites to custom content management systems, while researching your competitor to improve your bottom line.

We have amazing

Clients And Partnerships

What is the recipe to win new business, engage clients and build partnerships? On the client-side knowing this magic mix provides guidance on how to assess proposals and select vendors. (Listed below)

NAACP | Atlanta, Ga.

Marvel Comics

Chick-fil-A | San Diego, CA

Warner Music Group

Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun, P.A.

Ink and Elegance Wedding Invitation

Happy Client


"Richard Skinner and his team did an amazing job getting our new website designed and our numbers are the best since we've opened the doors."

David Jamison Online Shop Owner


“SO happy we found Hire Refined.. The graphic team is quick and the work has always been top tier”

Brandon Jones Event Promoter
Helped us with huge presentation


“We needed a two day turn around on our (32) page presentation package and guess who delivered? Hire Refined. TRULY GOD SENT”

Rachel Harrison Founder

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Other Clients

We’ve help more than 3,000 global clients – over 10% of the world’s leading global brands – put customers at the center of their businesses to turn their daily workloads into smarter business decisions.

We look forward to helping you start, rebuild or improve your business. “Let Us Design Your Dreams”